Quick Facts On How To Grow Grapes


If you crave for grapes and you dream to have them in your backyard, then what is stopping you from doing so? Nowadays, “how to grow grape” tricks and tips are scattered everywhere to the point that growing them at home is not a difficult task anymore.

However, unlike growing your other typical fruit, growing grapes is a completely different story. The process is complicated and requires great dedication. That is why it is a must to consider some important factors in the first place.

Check out these tips on how to grow grapes the successful way:

1. Decide on the grape variety.

Before you get too excited by running into a grape nursery for a baby vine purchase, make sure that you already know which variety you want to choose. Once you’ve decided, seek advice from the nursery professionals whether your choice is suited for home growing conditions. Of course, this is for you to know early whether that grape type will grow successfully. Take note that your choice will always depend on the vine’s climate requirements, so that they will grow well.

2. Plant in an area where sunlight is sufficient.

You can plant in your yard, but see to it that your garden’s location is enjoying a lot of sunlight. As you know, sunlight is a requisite of a grape to grow healthy. Sunlight too helps eradicate chances of developing diseases. This is especially true if your vine is in the period of bearing fruit, because sunlight is integral at this moment. Also, this will keep the fruit dry so it is free from any moist or mold.

3. Develop your soil quality.

Amending the vine’s soil is vital for the grapes to develop deep roots. Furthermore, to ensure good harvest in the future, cultivate it regularly for it to become fast-draining and loose.

4. Get some support for them.

Any kind of support, be it fence, walls or trellis, is vital for the grape growing process. Any of these will serve well to keep the fruits above the soil. Nonetheless, it is recommended to choose arbors and traditional stakes. Fruit contact with the soil will make them rot easily.

5. Prune the grapevines.

After you noticed that they become dormant, pruning them is necessary. Doing this will help control them easily. Furthermore, this will also allow free air flow, especially to the fruits.

6. Pull long runners.

Remove all long runners during the mid growing season. Never forget to do this. It will help your grapes grow healthier and be under control at the same time.

Be careful with the idea of grape growing, for it can be tricky. One simple mistake will likely snatch away all your beautiful harvest. Hence, if you want homegrown grapes, ensure everything is done right the first time. After all, your hard work will surely pay off once you’ve tasted the sweetness of a single fruit from your harvest.


Source by Paul Le Roux

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